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Reasons to use the Trion Finance & Consulting mortgage simulator

Are you interested in buying a home? Did you know that, in most cases, the monthly payment of a mortgage is lower than that of a rental?

Each bank offers different financing options. With the mortgage simulator of Trion Finance & Consulting you have all the information available in one tool to select your best option.

Advantages of financial advice with Trion Finance & Consulting

Buying a home with a mortgage requires research of banking products, knowledge of procedures, use of financial terminology and a lot of time to evaluate all available offers. Having financial advice of professionals accelerates the process of obtaining a mortgage in simple steps. Trion Finance & Consulting will provide you with a group of qualified personnel with the following characteristics:


Knowledge of the banking offer.

According to a study by Deloitte Consulting, Spain is the country that offers the largest number of banking services compared to other European nations. Faced with the immense range of possibilities, our strength has been to know the characteristics of each product and condense them in our mortgage simulator.

Collaboration with recognized banking entities.

We work with most of the traditional Spanish banks. With the analysis carried out by the entities we create calculation algorithms that allow us to anticipate the approval/scoring process of a mortgage.

Experience in the area of finance.

Contracts have clauses with financial slang words that are not public knowledge. Our mortgage advisors handle all the concepts and explain them to show the advantages and disadvantages of each entity and each of its products.

Handling of updated technology.

Nowadays time is one of the most valued resources. Thanks to technological advances we can speed up the time it takes to obtain a mortgage and thus speed up the comparative process between the different proposals.

Immediate evaluation upon request.

You do not have to wait a week or ten days to determine your ability to purchase a home. With the mortgage simulator you will have at your disposal the necessary elements to visualize your situation objectively and start on the road to obtaining your mortgage loan.


How to calculate a mortgage?

When we plan to buy a house we ask ourselves: What will be the resulting monthly payment, what is the maximum amount of mortgage we can apply for? To calculate a mortgage the following concepts must be taken into account:

  • Loan capital. This is the amount the bank finances you to acquire an asset.
  • Interest rate. It is the percentage charged by the bank for the loan granted. It can be established as fixed, variable or mixed. If the periodicity is monthly, the rate must be divided into 12 months to include it in the formula for calculating the mortgage payment.
  • Deadline. The time in months that is agreed to end the debt contracted with the entity.

Input required to consider a purchase with a mortgage.

Generally entities finance up to 80% of the purchase price of the property. With Trion Finance & Consulting we can obtain 90%, 95% and even 100% depending on the amount of the loan and the profile of each client. To do this we evaluate every aspect of the applicant with the mortgage simulator to achieve the most suitable loan.

Benefits of our mortgage simulator

  • It offers a very tight view of the interaction in banking institutions.
  • Run the calculation with parameterizable data to get an overview of the different market options.
  • Compare proposals in multiple banks to offer the one that best suits your profile.
  • Speeds up the mortgage calculation process to provide immediate answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgage Loans.

What is an adjustable, fixed mortgage?

This definition is established with the interest rate. It will be fixed if the percentage charged by the banks in the calculation of the mortgage payment never changes. It will be variable if the value can change over time.

What is the Euribor?

This is the most widely used reference indicator for variable interest rates. This indicator is published daily and reflects the interest rate at which the main financial institutions lend money to each other in the interbank market.

Does the price of my flat match the fee I want to pay?

Determining the monthly payment is very easy with our mortgage simulator. Just enter the data and you will get the result in seconds.

How soon should I make my mortgage?

It will depend on the repayment capacity available, based on the debt ratio. The calculation of the mortgage fee is reduced by increasing the term in months.

What are mortgage expenses?

The bank charges fees for the money lending service. Each entity handles the costs according to its particular policy. Currently, the client bears the purchase costs and the bank covers the mortgage costs except for: opening, life insurance, home insurance and appraisal.

I live for rent. What are my chances of buying?

At Trion Finance & Consulting we take into account the client's ability to repay the rent as an element in favour of acquiring a loan. So, if you pay a monthly fee for your rent, why not consider an option to buy?

All these questions are common to any buyer. With our mortgage simulator you will be able to know what monthly payment and how long you could formalize your mortgage depending on your profile.