Advantages of buying a home in Barcelona

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Do you already know the advantages of buying a property in Barcelona? One of the first doubts that arise when looking for a property where to live, is which option is more profitable, rent it or buy it. To make the best decision it is necessary to evaluate the advantages of buying a property in Barcelona and the advantages of renting. In this way you can objectively analyze each option and thus make the decision based on the circumstances or personal needs of each individual.

At Trion Finance Consulting we guide you so that you can discover which of the two alternatives is the one that best suits your budget.


Renting Vs Buying a property in Barcelona

Buying a home

The real estate market in Barcelona in recent years has shown a decrease in the price of houses, this undoubtedly makes it much more feasible to pay a mortgage than a rent. This represents an important investment since buying a house can be cheaper than renting it under the same conditions.


  • As an owner you have complete autonomy over the property, decisions about it do not have to be discussed with third parties.
  • Owning a home gives you more stability and security.
  • All the improvements or reforms made to the house will be an investment and you will be able to make the ones you want.
  • The monthly mortgage payment is affordable and is equal to or less than the monthly rent payment.
  • With the purchase of a home you will not have to worry about the annual increases in renting a property.
  • In the future you can sell or rent the house and thus also obtain income.
  • The value of the property increases with each reform made to it.
  • It is the best option for future savings.
  • Buying a home has certain tax advantages.


  • Buying a home is a little more difficult to make, for all that it entails.
  • When you choose to buy a property, it is necessary to make an initial investment, in most cases having a small part of the value of the property, in addition to the administrative costs that the procedure requires.

That's why analyzing the advantages of obtaining a home, at Trion Finance we take care of providing all the advice in the process, even with the aspects that may seem a little complicated.

Renting a property


Barcelona has always been considered one of the most expensive cities in terms of rental costs, but recently some market studies indicated that prices have been falling. Although the city's real estate rental market has always been very variable during the year. It is important to consider this fact before renting a home.


  • It is not necessary to carry out many formalities or procedures when buying a property.
  • You can have better control over your monthly expenses.
  • There is more flexibility when looking for another residence or area to live in.
  • You can opt for a larger or smaller house or accommodation, according to your requirements.
  • The administrative processes are much faster, you do not need to hire a notary.
  • The initial investment is much more affordable so no major savings are needed.
  • Tax obligations are completely avoided.
  • Renting a home does not imply a long-term financial commitment to a bank.


  • The rental price of the property you choose will be subject to change once the contract ends and there is a risk that it may be significant.
  • It is also up to the landlord to decide whether to rent the property again.  
  • If you want to make some modifications to the house to adapt it to your needs, you must have the approval of the owner and pay for them completely.
  • In the case of rentals there is a compensation to the owner, if you want to leave the property before the end of the contract you must cancel it at least 6 months in the case of 5 years.

Why buy a property in Barcelona?

You have both scenarios, the advantages of buying a home and the advantages of renting in Barcelona. What will help you make the best decision is to evaluate these options taking into account personal and emotional factors and of course your financial capacity. In this way you will base your decision on what best suits your needs.

Buying a home represents a strong and large investment, but this effort is also an excellent long-term alternative for the whole family. While renting only shows short term benefits or is ideal for people whose economic situation does not allow them to purchase their own home.

Remember that at Trion Finance Consulting we have all the tools and qualified personnel to evaluate your financial situation and thus determine what possibilities you have to buy a house in Barcelona.


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