Everything you need to know about living in Barcelona

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Sun and a privileged coastline that stretches around it, from north to south. The mountains, both overlooking the city itself, as well as sprouting with different heights and shapes throughout the province. History, culture and architecture as characteristic as it is peculiar. Leisure by day and by night, Mediterranean and international cuisine being cooked in some of the best restaurants in the world... There are many advantages to living in Barcelona. living in BarcelonaCan you see yourself moving there? With these guidelines we are sure to help you decide whether you should live in this beautiful city.


What it takes to live in Barcelona

Desire and money. These are the two main things you need to live in Barcelona and anywhere else in the world. Without a roof over your head and a place to live, you won't be able to settle anywhere. And without the desire to enjoy and get to know the city, you won't be able to either. In this regard, you should know that it is a city in which, despite not having high salaries or a wide range of jobs compared to other places in Europe, it is the second city in the country. In addition, sectors such as the and tourism do tend to generate jobs, as well as the growing technology sector, which is making a name for itself in the Catalan capital.

Apart from that, Barcelona can be the place for you if you are a nature and sports lover, as it has the right places for that. It is also an ideal place for those who love the climate and Mediterranean cuisineas well as the typical lifestyle. The weather is inviting and so is the gastronomic and socio-cultural offer. Nevertheless, although it is a Spanish and Mediterranean city, in certain aspects it has a very marked character due to tourism and the many foreigners who already live here.

The good things about Barcelona... and the not-so-good things about it

As we have already mentioned, the climate, the wide range of social and cultural activities on offer and the environment are the main advantages of living in Barcelona. It is also well connected to other parts of Spain, Europe and the world thanks to its good communications network. In fact, it offers excellent connections by land, sea and air. At the same time, for a foreigner, the prices are not excessively high, unless you are looking for a flat or a house in the best neighbourhoods of Barcelona to live in. best neighbourhoods in Barcelona to live in.

It is not the same if you come from another part of Spain, as the cost of renting a car is one of the highest in Spain. rent is one of the highest in Spain. In fact, it's one of the disadvantages of living in Barcelona, because the cost of renting a room in a shared flat is around €400. Getting around the city is not cheap either, despite the wide and sustainable range of options on offer (a single bus ticket costs around €2). Even the weekly shopping for one person is around €50, which, added to the above, makes Barcelona the most expensive city to live in. Barcelona the most expensive city to live in Spain.

But how much money is needed? 

As you can see, the most basic expenses for living in Barcelona are no small matter. In other words, if you are thinking about how to move to Barcelona and live there without suffering financial hardship, you need, first of all, a good salary. A salary that can be around 1,200 € net, since part of that salary will be spent on:

  1. Renting a flat in Barcelona, which, if it is shared, is unlikely to be less than 450 €, including electricity, water, gas, etc.
  2. Monthly purchase, which is very difficult to get below 250 €.
  3. TransportWhether you use your own vehicle (which will vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle, fuel consumption, insurance, parking and other costs) or a public vehicle, you will pay €75.60 per month. If you use the metro, you will pay €75.60 per month if you have a regular card for 30 journeys, without being a young person, and covering 3 of the 6 zones.

If you take a calculator and add it all up, you will see that it is expensive to live in Barcelona. All these basic monthly expenses are around 800 €. And that's not counting the money you'd like to spend on savings, investment or leisure. Because since you live in a place like this, how can you not take advantage of the opportunity to go to a restaurant with music in Barcelona, to one of its cinemas or to have a drink and dance in one of its many nightclubs?

Avoid Barcelona's troubled neighbourhoods

Perhaps the high cost of day-to-day life is the worst thing about the Catalan city. That or the growing insecurity that has been generated in recent times. The truth is that in recent years there has been an increase in crime in Barcelona and the surrounding area. El Prat, a municipality very close to where the airport is located, and Barcelona itself are the two Spanish cities with the highest crime rates per thousand inhabitants in 2020. This is according to data from the Ministry of the Interior itself.

Drugs and robberies are the main crimes being reported in the Catalan capital. Many of them take place in central areas, taking advantage of the influx of people and tourists. And along these lines, if you want to know Barcelona's problem neighbourhoods where it is not advisable to live, here are four of them:

  1. La Mina.
  2. El Raval.
  3. Sant Cosme. 
  4. Sant Roc,

However, although there are certain risks, as in any other part of the world, Barcelona could not be classified as an unsafe city. In fact, it is still one of the most visited cities in Europe and also one of Spain's main economic engines. one of Spain's main economic engines. Therefore, if you want to live in the Catalan capital, for whatever reason, we encourage you to plan your finances and take the plunge without fear. We will help you decide where to live in Barcelona in the safest and most comfortable way.


And, in case you are looking for a good flat or house, to buy or to rent, we can help you to buy or rent, let yourself be advised by specialists and connoisseurs of the real estate market of this wonderful city as Trion Finance, will help you. So, if you have the money and the desire, get in touch with us to start your new adventure.


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