Financial advice on mortgages

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Financial advice on mortgages


Do you already know the benefits of acquiring financial advice on mortgages? Buying a home is one of the most significant investments in the life of any person, this represents a great investment and commitment. That is why before taking this big step it is best to have the best financial advice on mortgages.

And we are specialists who know in detail the reality of the mortgage market in Barcelona and above all which are the banks that really offer the best options for customers.

What is involved in good financial advice on mortgages

Mortgage advice is provided by professionals with knowledge of law, finance and banking, these three areas are part of the real estate market. In this way the advisor has the ability to present a mortgage that represents the best conditions for the client, and this service is performed in exchange for their professional fees.

His work is mainly based on analyzing your financial situation, in which he studies your income, expenses and payment capabilities. In this way, they will be able to tell you what your situation will be when applying for a mortgage, or if you are a Premium profile customer to opt for any bank so you can present better conditions when negotiating with banks.

Financial advice from Trion Finance


At Trion Finance Consulting we have staff specialised in financing, who will be in charge of recommending you the most suitable mortgage for your budget, as we work with all the financial institutions in the market. Our main objective is to obtain the best mortgages with excellent conditions for our clients.

With special interest and care we explain in detail the terms in which you will sign the mortgage with the bank and thus accompany the client in each of the steps to resolve any questions or problems that arise.

To meet our goals we take the following steps:

  • We analyze the customer's solvency profile with respect to the price of the property to be purchased, which will allow us to offer suggestions about the price of housing that best fits your budget and so you can make the best decision.
  • Presentation of an offer to the different entities, this implies negotiating directly with them to achieve the best conditions such as: insurance, variable or fixed mortgage, repayment term, and above all the monthly amount of the payment.
  • Once the whole panorama has been evaluated, we present the best offers or options that have been achieved in a transparent way so that both the pros and cons of each one are evaluated.
  • The decision is only of the client, once he decides which mortgage he wants to contract, we facilitate the documentation process and everything that is required for the signature.


  • It represents a significant saving since with an advisor you will be able to present your offer to a greater number of banks, otherwise if you do it on your own you will have many more limitations.
  • A consultant's experience in preparing files is very broad, he knows his way around and his guidance is very valuable.
  • Financial advice maximizes the emotional fatigue and uncertainty that comes with seeking funding.
  • The mortgage financial advisor knows the market very well, so he or she can offer you a range of options when applying for a loan.
  • Saving time is very valuable, an advisor invests an average of at least 6 hours a day in just receiving offers from different banks. Getting a mortgage signed takes time and is a complex process, while an advisor can facilitate and accelerate the process.
  • Many of the terms and procedures involved in obtaining a mortgage are unfamiliar to most people, so having an advisor who specializes in financial knowledge gives you security at every step of the process.
  • You will receive support throughout the process for complex issues such as contract reviews.

A financial advisor becomes an ally who gets completely involved in facilitating the search and acquisition of the best offer for your home.

And in Trion Finance Consulting we specialize in offering the best financial advice on mortgages, as you will receive exclusive and personalized attention that will allow us to find the best purchase scenario according to your budget and needs. Ask for your advice.


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